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Caged Liberty Below are the 1 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Caged Liberty" journal:
October 1st, 2009
07:43 am
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I had my home visit from a lady from the Cat Protection league yesterday. I tidied the flat like I've never tidied it before. Upheaval of moving tables just where I wanted them to be, going through all boxes and drawers of bits and pieces to streamline things. The problem with such a small flat is always clutter. Clutter, which I'm guilty for often, makes it look smaller. I changed the bedsheets and piled the pillows up high to make the bed properly instead just smoothing out the quilt, I cleaned out my hams to help them make a good impression (Milk is doing ok and participating in all ham activites. I administer the antibiotics by wrapping her up in a towel so she can't bite my hands as James gets the syringe ready to drop it into her mouth. Sometimes it takes a couple of goes when she, instead of licking it, knocks the droplet at the end with her nose),and I flung all the bits and pieces of makeup around my mirror into a basket.

The visit went well - we passed. The lady did notice that it is a small flat but seemed fine after I told her we are looking to move within the next year or two to somewhere larger. I think, really, as soon as she sat down and talked to me for the first five minutes she was happy to rehome to us. In the end, she was here for an hour and a half! I anticipated it to only be around twenty minutes and ended up missing a seminar - but that's ok. I wanted to convey my love of cats without sounding like a crazy potential cat lady.

I have to phone today at 11am to make arrangements for picking up the kittens, hopefully on Saturday when James is off and we can do it together. Waiting feels painful. I actually find it difficult to sit still and breathe normally for any length of time: I'm so excited and tense about it all. I have wanted a cat for all of my life and now two are coming home with me? It can't quite sink in. My stomach is in knots. Two more sleeps. I have laid out the cat toys we bought and it looks like a tiny Christmas, waiting for them arriving on Saturday morning. We now have everything we need to get, except food. A litter tray (covered), a carry case, food bowls and a mat, a plastic fork for the food, toys, litter tray liners and litter, a bed, a big scratching post/play center, more things I've forgotten. I am SO excited.

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